Or maybe its something she deleted? Click Go advanced next to Submit Reply. WD external disk write protection, It is not easy to help in such cases. All i got was this: Originally Posted by kylos Yes I did the same thing, found similar problems like me with no answers.

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Download Drivers Laptops – Toshiba

Keep googleing until you find the answer. Click arrow toshiba satellite pro c850 wireless to paperclip. I would rather find a proper solution to this, so if I ever come across this problem again, I will have the knowledge to fix it. Yes, the vendor’s site is always the best to go to first, but it seems strange that the driver wasn’t compatible for the laptop when the adapter has the same designation – perhaps it’s a Toshiba thing.

I take it from the last sentence in your Toshiba satellite pro c850 wireless 5 that all of the other machines were switched off when you tried the power cycle. North East England Posts: Only Reatek worked, and it is the latest driver. Maybe you must change standard WLAN settings on your notebook. Talk with network provider and ask for some help.

tosgiba It is not easy to help in such cases. BT Broadband Infinity Modem: Also I dont see an option to switch it to just G. Originally Posted by kylos.


I have tried installing that same driver three times from the actual website and no luck. Well – netsh and Windows says different.

Yes, I actually tried all the different versions of the Wireless LAN driver, which xatellite two versions of Realtek, and two versions of Atheros.

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At first I couldn’t actually bring this up, so I reinstalled the flash card, and it began to work. I used this website with the search function. So I checked what she needed, updated witeless drivers for Ethernet and Wireless, and the Toshiha Manager is stating that they are both working fine. Leave the modem off for at least 30secs then connect it back up and switch it on, allowing it to initialize before doing the same with the router and then finally switching on your sister’s computer where it should connect.

I am not sure what to do next. In my opinion toshiba satellite pro c850 wireless has nothing to do with toshiba satellite pro c850 wireless but with WLAN settings. All i got was this: No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: So I googled around, and I found that I may need to turn on a wireless switch. I couldn’t find that adapter listed on the Realtek site but a Google on that adapter has shown that you’re not alone with problems with it.


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toshiba satellite pro c850 wireless I have recently bought a new laptop – the Satellite C with Windows 8. Click Go advanced next to Submit Reply. Or maybe its something she deleted? It claims the wireless connection is “On”. My phone is connected to the network so I know it is working properly.

Right click on the adapter and then Disable – repeat and then select Enable. My dads laptop is also a Windows 7 Laptop and that works fine and will bring up all connections in the area, including mine. Page 1 of 2. Satellite C – Wi-Fi is not working.

Originally Posted by Tomken15 Well, you’re certainly keeping yourself busy, but a System Restore could be the easiest option – wireeless fully knowing what else your sister may have done, but may just be that the adapter needs resetting.