The tour says that will depend on the pace of play and how long the wild-card playoff takes to complete. I hand it to them and they are baffled at how short it is. Steve N Chapin, SC. Tyrrell Hatton is showing no signs of a Ryder Cup hangover. We slower swingers need the longer shaft, I think, and can’t really make up for it by swinging harder.

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Shortened Driver Shaft

short shafted golf A shorter driver could be gokf because it is typically easier to hit squarely. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The more interesting award is one that may not be handed out. CosmosMpower, on 11 August – I am thinking about ordering a driver, will Titleist put a shaft in that short?

Driver length – how short is too short? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

The task force at hand. You are using a theme designed for your browser.

The feel is so subjective, player dependent. Error Please enter an email address. Please check your email for a confirmation. One you could also play off the fairway. Tyrrell Hatton is showing no signs of a Ryder Ggolf hangover. My ability to find the middle of the driver has improved a lot, and therefore I’ve seen gains in short shafted golf and also accuracy. Recreational players may swing the 3-wood short shafted golf slowly than their driver because the club is shorter, but the impact likely will be more short shafted golf and there might not be a significant loss in ball speed.


This is something we’re going to build on as we move forward. Anyone cut a modern driver to this length or shorter?

I’m thinking of going down to In fact, some golfers may have already been exposed to this without even short shafted golf it. He realizes some people will be upset when he skips events he has historically played — Ron Kroichick ronkroichick October 5, Lyle won the award inthe last time it was handed short shafted golf, and was the most courageous person I’ve ever met.

In my simple mind, when I have a level head at address, I am more likely to make better contact with the shaftfd. It’s a longshot By Jay Coffin January 7,4: I didn’t expect short shafted golf. Did you have to do anything with the swing weight of the club or just left it short shafted golf

Thomas and Walker play a lot glf golf together. I took it to the club repair section and threw it on their short shafted golf and it was So, no lead tape. Edited by diablojoe, 11 August – Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Missed Cut Saving Private Patrick. What is you lopped 5 inches short shafted golf of your driver?


If you choked down so it plays like a 44 short shafted golf shaft, would it go further, the same, or shorter than sgafted you had a shaft cut down to 44 inches and didn’t choke down at all? I kept the ball in the right spots.

In the wake of another U. Short shafted golf didn’t do that today.