Therefore, it is important to plan this part of your process carefully and rehearse it consistently. Start out during your practice sessions using the framework provided, but then make any changes that you need in order to dial in your ball flight just right. Work through the drill again and again, continuously adjusting what feels right, based on what the mirror and video camera tell you is really happening. Looking for a stable set up. So, if you have your driver at the front of your stance, and your short irons in the middle, where does that leave you for the rest of the clubs? Hands behind your chin, even with the driver.

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This establishes how far your thighs should be from the butt of the golf club. That space — from the top of your thumb to your belt buckle — represents how far your body should be from the end of the club. Hit a Golf Ball With Irons.

Stance and distance from the golf ball – Golf Tips – Team Titleist

Your right arm should be very slightly bent. Standing too golf stance distance from ball with away can cause you to pull the club too far inside during your swing and hit the ball off the toe of the club. Standing too far away can force you to reach out with the club, with your arms completely straight and your elbows locked — ruining any chance of a nice, easy swing.

Note that externally rotating your right arm does not interfere with your grip.

Sones: Correct distance from the ball

That should tell you how important a proper address position is. As you can see from those previous points, there is quite a bit of individualism within the address position. The promise of lower scores is always just around the next golf stance distance from ball with with your latest grip change, new club, etc. It actually at times had a worse effect by descending too sharp and hitting thick shots. That system is commonly known as a pre-shot routine.


Once you understand the basic framework of golf ball placement for different clubs, you can then tweak your own personal setup based on golf stance distance from ball with results you get.

The good news is that, unlike the moving parts of the swing, there is no reason you can get your address position perfectly correct before each and every swing.

Still, it need not be a guessing game from one club to the next. You want to get everything in just the right spot to give your swing the best chance at success.

Anyone else experiment with this? In baseball, the shortstop prepares for the stqnce by bending at the knees and keeping his back straight — ready to dart right or left to retrieve the ball. The longer shaft, as such, does not appear to me to necessitate a wider stance, especially with the irons which are all struck with a descending angle.

If you have any questions or comments about this or other articles on Golf Loopy, please send us an email. Just by watching a golfer take their address position, most teachers or professionals can tell approximately how good that person is on the course. You need golf stance distance from ball with take the time required to establish your own personal address position and ingrain it so it becomes consistent and reliable.

How Far Should One Stand from a Golf Ball?

December 08, at Stance and ditance are easy to work on at home. Likewise, bad ball positioning can wreak havoc on the spine angle, golf stance distance from ball with hip and shoulder turn — draining power and fgom accuracy. It is true that a good address position can take on a variety of forms, and each golfer will have a position that looks slightly different from anyone else. I suppose the answer is He has written for various websites and for several daily and community newspapers on a wide variety of topics, including business, the Internet economy and more.


This part of the routine is totally up to you, and it is important that you practice it just like the rest of your game. From that witj you can simply place the club on the ground behind the ball to achieve the proper stance.

Correct Distance To The Golf Ball | Free Online Golf Tips

Standing more upright may push your hands away from your body very slightly as your chest pushes against your upper arms, but even with the driver your whole grip should be behind a line drawn vertically down from your chin at address glof see Figure 5.

After golf stance distance from ball with comfortable with how far to stand from the ball you can check yourself periodically by looking into a stxnce mirror after taking your golf stance.

Start working this drill into the other setup drills as you become more proficient. This will vary a little, depending on your build, but when you are in the perfect position with an iron your right thumb will appear to be in-between the balls of your feet — see Figure 6.

As you take your stance with correct posturethe perfect stance width and ball positionperfect weight distribution and balanceand perfect spine ftomand then take your griptilt your spine and place the sweet spot of the club face behind the ball, your arms should hang, relaxed and free of tension, underneath your shoulders.